Win more new customers, sell more to existing customers and exceed your targets

We help Sales Leaders, Sales Teams and Sales Executives fill their pipelines with high quality leads, secure more and better quality leads and sales opportunities, schedule more executive level meetings, reduce close times and achieve higher win rates.

We use a combination of:

  • Training & workshops
  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Peer advisory groups
  • Our Expert Community

Well trained sales people sell more. But trained in what – and how effectively? It’s important to make sure sales people and sales leaders learn those things that will make the biggest impact and that are simplest to use.


Training is useless if you can’t use it or if you forget it the next week. But without reinforcement we forget half of the information presented within one hour and 75% after six days.

Our training workshops are designed to be easy to follow, easy to use and are customised to the specific needs of each organisation and participant.

We work with sales leaders and participants before training begins to make it relevant to your own situation; we use a combination of media – presentations, videos, workshops, etc. to assist with retention. We provide individual coaching between training sessions to apply the learning to each individual’s own situation.

We also offer ongoing coaching at the after our training courses to reinforce the training and make sure what was learned is used effectively in real life.

Our programs include:

    • B2B Sales Foundations – whether new to sales or an old hand, this course will help you set up for success by mastering the basics of B2b sales, or provide you with a great ‘refresher’.
    • Authentic Selling – adopt a winning sales process supported by proven selling principles and values.
    • Selling at C-Level – get access to and be more effective selling to high level decision makers.
    • Applying Lean to How You Sell – applied to any sales process or methodology, Lean Selling will help you close more business with less effort and create greater customer experiences.
    • Effective Sales Management – designed to help both those new to sales management and those more experienced develop or refresh the skills needed to effectively lead their sales team and achieve better business outcomes.

Coaching and Mentoring

Leaders in every field – sport, acting, music, politics, business – remain leaders because they know specialised coaches help them stay on top. Sales and sales leadership is no different.

As executive sales coaches we help you find your own answers to your challenges. As mentors we offer solutions and, where relevant, draw upon the expertise of our Expert Community.

Formal coaching sessions are held monthly. But we know business never sleeps and urgent situations can arise at any time so if you have questions, suggestions or concerns between formal coaching sessions you will have unlimited access to your Executive Coach (subject to time zones & availability) via email, text and/or telephone.


Sometimes it’s difficult to identify the cause of a problem when you’re too close to it. You can see the symptoms – low win rates, not enough quality leads, problems with access at executive level, not winning new customers, losing existing customers and so on. But diagnosing the cause and identifying a solution needs an external perspective.

We review and understand your current sales practices and processes and benchmark them against ‘best practice’. We provide you with a road map to sales success, help you implement the plan and customise the approach and any training or coaching to your specific situation.

International Executive Peer Group Forum

Being a Sales Leader is a high-pressure and often lonely job. CEOs, boards and shareholders demand short term results. Sales people need guidance and coaching in strategy, processes, procedures, tactics, skills and more. Peers from other disciplines don’t fully understand the issues involved in sales.

But other Sales Leaders – in different industries and countries – are grappling with the same problems you are. Our International Executive Peer Group Forum, drawn from sales leaders around the world, gives you a group of peers to share their experiences, discuss what has and hasn’t worked, offer support and guidance, help broaden your perspective and supercharge your sales.

The International Executive Peer Group Forum combines online international peer advisory groups, one-on-one Executive Coaching and mentoring, and presentations/workshops from some of the world’s leading sales and leadership thinkers who make up our Expert Community.