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CEO’s, Founders, Sales Directors, CMO’s, Sales Leaders – broaden your perspective & supercharge your sales.

Work with your international Peers, your own Executive Coach and our Expert Panel to move to the next level

In the past ten years everything has changed. We live in a global economy where people are overwhelmed with information. More and more sales people are chasing the same number of buyers.

How many sales calls, sales emails, LinkedIn requests for “just 15 minutes“, offers of “free” white papers, case studies, reports, podcasts, webinars do you get every day? How many do you take any notice of?

It’s the same for your prospects and customers. They’re turning off and it’s getting harder to cut through the noise. You need to do what your competitors aren’t doing.

But like your prospects, your time is scarce. You don’t have time to sift through masses of information looking for new approaches that may or may not work for you. There must be a better way – and there is.

Executive Sales Forum International offers senior executives like you a way to:

  • broaden your perspective and explore innovative approaches from senior executives in other countries and industries
  • use the group wisdom of your local and international peers
  • learn from some of the world’s leading sales thought leaders, authors and speakers,
  • progress more with one-on-one Executive Coaching 
  • have your own expert sales coach “on tap” to help with new challenges as they occur
  • access masses of invaluable, curated sales, leadership  and marketing resources
  • share your own experience with your fellow group members,
  • build new global networks, relationships and friendships to help you, your company and your career
  • achieve more by doing less
  • learn, grow and have fun while doing so

Work with your international peers and world class Executive Sales Coaches to build even more success – and enjoy the journey, with our:

  • International Peer Advisory groups
  • Executive Coaching
  • World leading speakers
  • “On demand” access to advice on sales & leadership
  • And much more

The Executive Sales Forum International Model

Executive Sales Forum International combines international peer advisory groups, one-on-one Executive Coaching and mentoring and presentations/workshops from some of the world’s leading sales and leadership thinkers to help you succeed even more.

Members in the international peer advisory group sessions share their different perspectives and ideas under the guidance of our experienced Executive Coaches, help each others with their challenges and develop close peer-to-peer relationships.

The group sessions and quarterly webinars/workshops from members of our Expert Panel will focus on sales and leadership topics chosen by the group members.

Individual Executive Coaching sessions will cover sales & leadership issues, personal and work goals, areas for development and behavioural changes.

Our online model makes it easy for you to participate from the comfort of your office or home or even when you are on the road. There’s no time wasted travelling to venues so it’s very time efficient.

Executive Sales Forum International is an exclusive forum for people recommended by our Founders, members of our Expert Panel or existing ESFI members. Our success relies on active participation so every member needs to understand and accept our values and be capable of making a positive contribution.  Members will be:

  • CEOs, CMOs, VPs of Sales, Founders or senior Sales Leaders and Account Directors
  • Other senior executives with oversight of or an interest in sales
  • Based in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Asia  
  • Committed to following our Values and Meeting Principles
  • Recommended by an existing member, one of our Expert Panel, one of our Founders or someone our Founders know and trust

If you want to cooperate with a group of experienced international executives under the guidance of a leading Executive Coach to share ideas, explore different approaches, help each other, develop close relationships and gain inspiration from some of the leading sales and leadership thinkers on the globe – this may be for you.

Interested? Want to learn more? Contact us today.